About Our Pigs

Though we also raise egg-laying free-range chickens and grow lots of organic veggies for the Café, our farm is most definitely pig-centric.  We have combined old world breeds, namely Gloucester Old Spot & Tamworth, specifically because of their pleasant demeanor, year-round hardiness and, of course, succulent flavor!

Because these creatures spend their lives alternating between pasture and forest they are more firmly rooted (excuse the pun) to the natural behaviors of their ancestors.  Pigs were meant to forage, to live outside and soak up the sun.  We don’t ring their noses because it is cruel and counter-productive to a natural porcine lifestyle.

Our pigs are friendly, often enjoying (and asking for) belly rubs. On a sunny afternoon you might find us sitting in the grass with them sharing a beer (or two).  Our sows give birth on pasture, not in confinement and the animals are fed a ration of non-medicated grain to supplement their diets, along with goat milk whey & vegetable scraps from the Café.